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09/16/2013 Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 29, 2013
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Meeting Minutes – September 16th, 2013

Members in Attendance:

Evan Kelly, Jake Still, Joe Drummond, Mark Handel, Andy Robinson, Mark Kowai, Christopher Durr, Tare Andrews, Mike Walsh, Peter Wallace, Mike Henderson, Andy Burke, Brei Gussack, Steve Israel, Ken Fraine, Roberto Santiago, Basheer Benhalim, Mike O Brien


Meeting started @ 7:05 PM

President B. Gussack – Announcements

Next Meeting October 14th @ Big Board

-          Beep Test will be @ Model before meeting.

East Mids Exchange

-          Mike OBrien Sr. and Dale Hensley will be going.

Zone Camp

-          Evan Kelly, Jake Still and Mike O’Brien Jr. went.

-          Evan and Jake spoke about experience.

Training Officer Ken Fraine – Monthly Training

-          New Scrum Process

-          Member submitted questions

-          Group discussion

President Brei Gussack – Group Discussion

-          Brei invited evaluators and coaches to speak about feedback from the start of the season.

-          Mark Handel

-          Mark Kowai

-          Andy Robinson

President Brei Gussack – Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM

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