2015 Sevens Focus Areas

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Please watch Video link from USA Referee Manager Richard Every. Link at end of post.

Main areas of SEVENS REFEREEING focus are:

Running lines/Positioning:
- 45º at the breakdown – not square on or flat
- Ball in line running


- Players cannot get up with the ball when they are tackled and held, unless they release the ball first
- Tackler assist to release and enter through the gate
- Tacklers holding onto the tackled player longer to prevent them from playing the ball
- Tackler to roll away and not obstruct arriving opposition players or roll into the scrumhalf

Zone violation by:
- Attacking players to retain possession
- Defenders to turn over possession

- Walking the scrum around: PK
- Pushing early: FK
- Pushing up or pulling down to disrupt the scrum: PK

Foul Play:
- Preventing a try being scored by dangerous tackle, deliberate knock, etc.: Penalty Try & Yellow Card
- Throwing the ball away at FK/PK or lineout: PK & Yellow Card

Playing the man in the air:
- Lands on feet: PK
- Lands on lower back/side: PK & YC
- Lands on upper back/neck/head: PK & Red Card
- Off the ball pushing/pulling/obstruction

- Call ADV OVER when the ball is secured, in hand, not during a pass
- Consider that a quick PK is often the better ADV

If there are any questions, please direct them to our training officer, Ken Fraine.

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