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Before Entering Games

Monday, January 18, 2016
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Dear Club Match Secretary,

Please ensure that the needed club data is already in the system before entering games.  After logging in, click on SWITCH VIEWS at the very top and then “Contact” in the drop-down menu.

Click on the tab for LISTS, then the sub-tab for SITES.  Sites are listed in the format:  State/City/Venue.
If the location for any of the matches that your club is hosting (home games) is not listed, please contact the Allocations Officer with complete information on that site so that it can be added to the database.

Click on the sub-tab for TEAMS.  Check for all of the teams that you will be hosting in the coming season.  If any team is missing and that team is in our broader region (including DE, NC, NJ, NY, and WV) or is likely to visit again, please contact the Allocations Officer with that team name so that it can be added to the database.  The team list does include place-holders for visiting clubs that are not likely to appear again soon.

Search for your own team(s).  Click on the blue number in the column for Contacts.  Check to make sure that this is your current list of officers and administrators.  The database was initially populated using the PRU Permission-to-Play database from 2011.  We know updates will be needed.  Make sure that at least the individuals serving in the roles as President, Match Secretary, and Treasurer are listed (one person can fill more than one roll).  Please send updates to the Allocations Officer with both additions and deletions.  For additions, we need Name, Email Address, and Title(s).

Click on the tab for Schedule.  You should now see all of the teams with which you are associated.  If you are President or Treasurer, you should also see association with any related “Bill-To”.  Every side is a separate team.  We have only provided for A and B sides so far (we never have enough officials to cover a C-side).  For most teams, the designation in parentheses will indicate Men/Women and A/B.  Clubs that field teams in more than one league/division will show additional teams and the parentheses will include a division designation.  All teams have an associated “Bill-To”, one per club that will have a designation for Men/Women in parentheses.  If the list of teams/bill-tos associated with you seems incorrect, please contact the Allocations Officer.


D. Mike Hill, Allocations Officer
Potomac Rugby Referees

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