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Club Corner

  • 1/18/2016

    Please be sure that either you or another member of your club has followed the procedures under “Before Entering Referee Requests”.  Without the correct basic club and site data already in the system, you’ll have to go back and edit your work.

    Please, Read The Instructions!  

    The only games that you should be enteringMore...

  • 1/18/2016

    Dear Club Match Secretary,

    Please ensure that the needed club data is already in the system before entering games.  After logging in, click on SWITCH VIEWS at the very top and then “Contact” in the drop-down menu.

    Click on the tab for LISTS, then the sub-tab for SITES.  Sites are listed in the format:  State/City/Venue.
    If the location for any of theMore...

  • 9/15/2015

    USA Rugby Referee Abuse Directive; IN ADDITION, Potomac Rugby Referees have instituted further processes.  Please Read Closely.

    Contact Ken Fraine, Potomac Society Training Officer for questions. (KenFraine@Verizon.Net)


    Verbal abuse by team coaches, team staff or

  • 10/13/2014

    Thank You for helping to Improve Rugby in the Potomac Region!

  • 2/1/2012

    For guest login that allows viewing all matches/assignments/etc, use:

    EMAIL:     PW: guest

    Click on SWITCH VIEWS at the top of the page and then chose "Contact".

    Click on the tab for SCHEDULE and the sub-tab for MASTER SCHEDULE

    to see all games.  Click on VIEW SLOTS to see the assigned officials.

    Click on the tab for LISTS to get to the sub-tabs for:

  • 11/23/2011

    Game Level Codes for use with Arbiter Sports web site

    We have tried to set up codes for game levels that are short and can be deciphered on the fly and that also have reasonable sort properties.
    If you have a match that cannot be classified using this scheme,
    please contact the Allocations Officer immediately.

    Sex | Age Group | League LevelMore...

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